The war is still progressing between the wine witch and I.    We are both taking casualties and winning on different days.

I managed to stay sober while away at the in-laws cottage and had a great time with my son and niece.  We swam, ate lots of ice-cream and I slept like a log. We ended up all going to bed together at 10:30.  In wine drinking days I would have wanted time alone to relax (ahem) drink and read my book or watch T.V.  This time  it was easier to all go to sleep at the same time.    Even when the in-laws came up, I was fine.  They all kept asking me if I wanted a glass of wine, looking all over for bottle (s) I usually bring. I kept saying thanks for asking but I am ok.  I have to say it wasn’t very nice of me to get SO MUCH joy watching them look for the wine and keep asking me if I was ready for a glass yet, so I could reveal the hiding spot of the bottles and they would attack them.  In fairness they never bring any wine but they don’g drink too much of it either.  However, this time there was no wine but they did keep looking for it.

We drove back home on Saturday and it took sooooo long.  My son and niece who had been fairly well behaved, had a battle royal in the back seat, bickering, screaming, fighting for 3.5 hours.

I literally got out of the car and went straight to the wine bottle, sad I know.  That was last saturday and now we are just over a week later.  As you can imagine it takes HUGE effort stay off the bottle once the seal is broken. Arghhh well I am off it now and going to stay that way.  I am working on my triggers and my main one is a situation like above and being hungry.  I should have just eaten and then re-evaluated things..

I am still trying and still want to get on the other side of this…I won’t give up even if I embarrass myself with falling off the wagon over and over again




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