Better Today

I am still quite sick but the wine witch has not come calling and as bad as this cold is, I am grateful that it is stopping me from drinking!


Day 3 here I come




4 thoughts on “Better Today

  1. I’ve been reading your blog posts and few empathy as you’ve been on and off the booze. The hangover-free mornings certainly are the best. But I too, have felt so good after a day or two of not drinking. And then I blow it out of the water by drinking later that day. And as you say, it is a bad feeling the next day(s) recovering. I’m sending positive energy your way! Keep your head up, and just tell that nasty wine witch, “Maybe tomorrow, but not today.”.


  2. Hey TWTIK I saw your comment and headed straight over. I am not rocking it at all and have been barely able to string two sober days together. I am taking time today to consider is this a good day 1 to start yet again. I logged on today for the first time in ages and have been reading and commenting here and there in the hope it motivates me to the point I’m ready to jump back on the wagon. How are you doing?


  3. Hi GG
    I am on Day 5 and feeling good. I have read The Naked Mind from Annie Grace and found it very good. I am going to blog soon, It just gets a little old writing Day…. again and again. However, I really want to stick to it and I am feeling good. The hard part is getting back on it.. Glad to see you are back, missed ya!!


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