Day 11 2019

Last night wasn’t too bad.  I had such a headache on Day 8 that it felt like a hangover, it was a good reminder of what I don’t ever want to feel again.  Still tired but that could be because I am going to bed so late helping my daughter etc… My son had a hockey game and as much as I didn’t want to head out into the cold ( it is damn cold here).  Breaking up the night is helpful as are Dairy Milk Chocolate bars- yum!

It is so funny in early sobriety the days seem to creep by sooo slowly.  I cannot believe it is only 11 days.  It feels like a lifetime already.

Making a plan for the weekend is really important to stay sober.  Take it from someone who does day 1 to 20, oh so regularly!  You cannot carry on as normal and just not drink.  I have booked in 2 spin classes for Sat and Sun AM.  I have found that booking these classes really helps as I have to pay for them if I don’t cancel by 5pm the night before and they are hard ones that I would die in if I was hungover in any form.  I die anyway not hungover.   The shame of paying and not going gets me up and out of the house.  Then locked into a dark room and shamed into exercising really works for me- LOL!!  I feel great the entire day when I do this.

Happy Friday, please share your tips for staying sober.

I just updated my title to day 11- I thought I was on Day 10- foggy brain!





3 thoughts on “Day 11 2019

  1. Thanks for the great tip. I do day 1-45 regularly, 3 month chunks, 6 month chunks, but still fall in the pot hole. But I don’t blog, thinking about it. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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  2. eating ice cream, and going to bed early help keep me sober. Too lazy to exercise tho, I’d happily forfeit the exercise class money to stay in bed longer.


    1. I here you! I have fought the exercise for sooo long but it takes the angsty edge out of me and I do feel better. However, I would rather lie in bed too but my husband is a bit tight with the pennies and would kick me out of bed knowing I have to pay for it if I don’t go 🙂


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